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Traditionally, kundalini uncoils itself and electrifies your body at around forty years of age. These last few years, you have been impulsed into diving more deeply into personal exploration, the meaning of identity, and connecting with your cosmic overview of life itself.

Your thymus gland will return to its own vitality when it receives the message that your body has done its preparation and downlowd your consciousness is ready. Spanish version A joint collaboration in faith produced this book, and recognition is due to the mighty and valiant players involved in the process. This concept gives you a clue about the flexibility of your reality. Imagine a marcinlak of light flowing through your body and sending light fibers into Earth.

Like road construction, your nervous system is being rebuilt, widened, and strengthened to accommodate an increase of data, like traffic moving through your body. If you knew as much as your higher self knows at this time, you would be downoad impatient with this assignment.

The dramas are released mwrciniak cellular holding patterns that faithfully steer you into the very situations that are left unresolved and unforgiven. Accept all that you create and know that there is opportunity in all things. All of reality is connected and is seeking a healing of union.

It is just like pulling a pillar of light into the body. Before you come into the body, certain memories are made available and stored genetically within you. For me, everything that we were told to attach great meaning to seemed so meaningless – that the opposite just had to be true! Add a comment Name: Ask yourself these questions: Time is greatly misunderstood in third-dimensional reality and is much more flexible than you realize, allowing simultaneous movement into downlosd by stretching, distorting, curving, and twisting barbarz around.

When you hear stories of takeover, understand that for some people, yes, they may experience this.

You have a conflict in your society about how you view drugs. This is one of the greatest secrets of creation. Your body is filled with memories of different worlds, as well as different time frames from the now you perceive.

Earth – Pleiadian Keys to The Living Library – Extracts

Phew, it felt good! You don’t get to make intentions and sit back and watch them happen; someone has to do the physical work. Fear is the killer. I mean, Barbara was expecting a nice, proper discarnate like Seth, and what did she get? When Barbara, Karen, and I work together, we always begin with a small ceremony to solidify our energy ewrth let the P’s know we’re ready to work. We have a very deep fondness for each and every one you because you have helped us-you have assisted us in delivering something.

There are points of acceleration and points of slow down. Everything that keeps you from achieving something is simply an idea. Toxicity may come out of your body maarciniak makes you sick. It wasn’t something we talked about very often; however, there was a deep unspoken knowing between us that we would be involved in some sort of psychic adventure some day.

You can regenerate the cells of your being by remapping them – sending them a different plan or alternative route.

You have to dig inside yourself to pull the information into 3D and into your life. There is nothing wrong with the body. Everything can be true and probably is, because as you think, so shall it be! Focus on the best that you can be, knowing that you will affect many probabilities around you. As members of the Family of Light, you each carry the ability to pull the light frequency into your body and disperse it onto the Earth plane.

The gold and crystals inside Earth move this consciousness through Earth like your veins move blood through your body. It is only through spirit that you can gain any understanding of what is happening to your world. This is your multidimensional memory of when you have gone to other systems and done the same thing. I am waiting for you. That is about to change, of course.

You may choose to worry and distrust your body. Mis Blogs They have small vocal cords. So, when Barbara proposed that the three of us work on Earth together, I was excited. First of all, when you are in touch with your body – when you take a shower or wash, you can feel and know your level of wellbeing – you know if you are in a state of health or not. Yet, you all can have memories constructed of those cultures.

It is fine for what is called a trip. She was to be an intergalactic exchange center of information, part of a vast library system where data from many. Your body is going to demonstrate absolutely miraculous abilities. Once you have exhaled, feel a wave of serenity moving over your body.

As more of who you are unfolds, the dramas that have trapped you can be more deeply understood. The next step is weaving all the pieces of information together to form chapters that make a coherent story in rough form.