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Works by Robert Harris. Retrieved from ” https: The Germans are making it tough on the Brits, changing aspects of their coding process to keep one step ahead of the codebreakers and their new-fangled computing machines.

Robert Harris

View all pfd comments. Several of his books have been adapted to film, most recently The Ghost Writer, directed by Roman Polanski. Like Jericho and Hester I really want to know what happened to Claire – even if I don’t like her much. The Germans are making it tough on the Brits, downlaod aspects of their coding process to keep o This is a fictionalized view of the British WW II code-breaking enterprise that cracked the German code scheme named Enigma.

The sections that dealt heavily with exactly how that worked did little for me and I think my eyes glazed over a bit until I arrived at the punchline.

By the end I realised the author took his time to peel away various eniggma of secrets. Robert Harris was born on March 7, in Nottingham, England. This isn’t the sort of book I’d normally pick for myself, which is why I joined a book club, I suppose.

Enigma by Robert Harris

Nor is it a happy, funny story. Published 5 days ago. Inexplicably to those at Bletchley, the Germans suddenly and dramatically ebigma their known patterns of coding. Jul 17, Lyn Elliott rated it liked it Shelves: It also looks at some of the very difficult decisions that had to be made to keep secret the fact that the code had been broken.

The plot gives Harris the opportunity to gradually lead the reader through how the whole set-up worked, from the soldiers and sailors risking their lives to get hold of code books, to the listening stations on the South Coast where the women of the ATS Auxiliary Territorial Service intercepted the coded German signals, and on to the huts in Bletchley, each responsible for an aspect of the war; Eastern Front, naval manoeuvres, etc.

The fellow is no Stephenson, I suppose, but so far as I could tell, being a mathematician only by marital proxy rather than by inclination, he wasn’t Dan Browning the whole affair.

Enigma – Robert Harris

Well written by Robert Harris, deeper and more complex than the film version, with a great twist at the end. Please try again later. View all 11 comments.

Not that I didn’t love it, I just became afraid I may doownload abandon the book for the time being, and try again when I could plunge in. Harris first thought of writing about code breaking while watching a documentary on the brilliant mathematician Alan Turing who worked at Bletchley Park. He often writes history with a twist — like what if the Nazis had won the war.

But his few female characters are excellently drawn, strong and credible within the limitations the system forced upon them. A mystery story built around the wartime code breaking operation at Bletchley with the brilliant Tom Jericho brought back from a nervous breakdown and seeking to find the girl he had fallen in love with and also breaking down the new Enigma code for U boats attacking North Atlantic convoys.

Harris is rather more my mother throwing together a nice but ennigma terribly inspiring dinner than the three-star restaurant serving a steak, but, hey, I don’t go out to restaurants every day of my life, and my literary cuisine can use an occasional homemade plain meal. I’d give it 3.

Published 17 days ago. Robert Harris has said that he purposefully prioritises fast-paced plot over characterisation, and in this he succeeded.

As a narrative, downpoad may not have the polish of much of his work – I found the ending a bit abrupt – but his research into the astonishing achievements of Bletchley Park during the war and his evocation of the conditions people endured are fascinating. The imagery was still consistent, but the plot was now moving quicker and it Enigma became much more readable.

An Officer and a Spy Without wishing to give away any of the plot details, the book is based around the code-breaking dowlnoad at Bletchley Park, and is dripping with historic and accurate details of snigma era a real treat if you’re into cryptography and interweaves true facts with a fast paced thrilling fictional tale.

Robert Harris displays his by now usual highly accomplished storytelling skills to great effect here. Jericho is presently back in Cambridge, having suffered some kind of break-down through overwork during an earlier, intense time at Bletchley.

And when he gets there, he robetr Claire is missing Was this review helpful to you?

But now the Germans have changed the U-boat code, threatening not only individual convoys but the entire defeat of the Allied forces. This was just garris wrong hraris for me. This is a brilliant thriller, and Harris looks at wider considerations than just the urgency of code-cracking during the war. As a high school student he was involved in the school paper, and at Selwyn College in Cambridge he was the editor of the student paper Varsity.