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We know Satyajit Ray as the Oscar winning filmmaker but not many Benfali, especially non-Bengalis know that he was also an author par excellence. He wrote a collection of feluca stories of Mullah Nasiruddin in Bengali. These stories were originally published in Bengali periodicals 40 years ago.

Not just the trio, but veluda world they live in seem to be populated entirely by men. Jul 21, Srinivas Veeraraghavan rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: It’s a vision of a sepia painting in glorious living color, an India seen through train windows and summer holidays, from modern metropoli to dark hamlets in a time warp from the sixteenth century – it’s a world you forgot decades ago, only to find in these pages as pure, clean and alive as you ever remembered. Dinanath Lahiri, an aged Bengali man, meets Feluda and informs that he has mistakenly swapped his suitcase in a train with one belonging to one of his co-passengers and asks Feluda to return it.

Feluda starts investigating secretly.

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I read some few stories of Feluda during my school days. While my friends tell me that the translation is quite competent I am sure that the original would have had an even more magical touch, especially since the master wrote it.

Holmes is an excellent observer of facts and a repository of knowledge. Supremely clean of Violence, Blood and Gore stuff, it doesn’t even have a female character in any of the stories – just imagine.

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Feluda was filmed at different times, the character of Soumitra Chatterjee and Sabyasachi Chakraborty was played. Feluda, of course, is the detective who loves riddles and puzzles and is smart and intelligent. Jul 06, Ritu Mantri rated it it was amazing. The Complete Adventures of Feluda is a collection of short stories written in the Sherlock Holmes tradition, wi I finally got around to starting the Around the World tour I had been promising myself for a few months now. I wonder how i never heard of Feluda until recently?

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Everyone wanted a Feluda adventure to read and share. Feluda and team joins a film crew shooting the 2nd film based on Jatayu’s books. The science fiction series with the main character of Professor Shanku whose full name was Trilokeshwar Feludx also caught the imagination of the young minds of at least a couple of generations.

Topshe or Tapesh is a 15 year old teen who is shown to be 13 at the start who is the narrator of our story and a great admirer of his cousin. A special and heart warming mention for the translator Gopa Majumdar who has done a splendid job. Every lover of mysteries and crime fiction should and must read Feluda. Tota Rahasya second draft. He was also a fiction writer, publisher, illustrator, graphic designer and film critic.

The cases take Feluda and his fluda all over India. Felua and Topshe go to the place. In the film adaptation of Sonar KellaTopshe’s mother shows her concern regarding his career and study as he spends a lots of time in case solving with Feluda. Apr 24, Sagnik rated it it was amazing. He is regarded as one of the greatest auteurs of 20th century cinema.

His short stories were published as collections of 12 stories, in which the overall title played with the word twelve. I pdff serial in childhood and i saw also feluda’s all movies. Sukumar RayUpendrakishore’s son and father of Satyajit, was a pioneering Bengali author and poet of nonsense rhyme and children’s literature, an illustrator and a critic.

I have read most of his books and thoroughly enjoyed them. I am a fan of Sherlock Holmes. Looking forward to finish the Part 2. By using below links you can able to download the pdf file or read it online by pdf viewer. I am now itching to travel to Kolkata and discover all the places that Ray mentions in his stories, do a Feluda walk if you’d like to call it.

Ambar Sen, a Bengali comes to Feluda and informs him that he has got threatening mail. So you can make sense of all the references and actually see the characters develop in front of your eyes.

Lalmohan Ganguly aka Jatayu is their friend and accompanies them everywhere on their cases. Jatayu’s books are outlandish and Feluda consistently points out mistakes in his research.

Every lover of mysteries sgory crime fiction should and must read Feluda. I would have loved to read it as a kid and enjoyed the movie made by Satyajit Ray.

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Feluda’s jyatha that is, uncle is said to have a ‘photographic memory’, and is a vast source of information which comes in handy when Feluda is in need of some.

One, I wish I could read it in the original Bengali.

Holmes had a Watson and Feluda has Topshe. In no ways is this book bad or substandard. He is also good at disguises. In the Feluda series that followed, he was portrayed as a man of around 27 with a tall 6’2″athletic figure. Feluda 1 – 10 of 35 books. The last incident impressed Feluda as well. The sharpness of Feluda’s mind and the I read some few stories of Feluda during my school days. Feluda finds that out, in addition he finds out something more— a murder.

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