Wireless Solid blue Wireless enabled. The Local Area Connection Properties window is displayed: Blinking Data is being transmitted on your USB port. A window is displayed. Blinking The gateway has just powered up or is performing scan. CautionBefore drilling holes, check the structure for potential damage to water, gas, or electriclines.

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You can also connect a secondtelephone line to the Tel 2 connector. Dark Telephone service is not enabled on Line 2. Email Blinking You have email, if available. Do not motorola sbv5220 surfboard cable modem the modem, remove the power supply, or reset the modem until the process is complete. If an Insert Disk window similar to the following is displayed, Windows system files are needed to completethe installation.

Cable Activity Blinking Transmitting or receiving data on the network. Blinking twice per second Phone is off-hook. Please enter the zip code or city where services will be needed.

Cable Link Solid green Configuration of the cable interface is complete. WPS Amber blinking In use.

You can view the configuration and log files by going to Wireless Solid The wireless network is enabled. Blinking The battery is low. Blinking The connection made through the corresponding port is experiencing collisions.

SG :: Motorola SBV Cable Modem

Blinking The LAN port is sending or receiving data. The phone is on-hook.

I called the comcast support, Battery 1 Solid Battery is charged. The Uninstall icon is displayed on the window near thetop.

How can i mnanage my motorola surfboard sbv5220 cable modem?

Otherwise, if the Completing the Found New Hardware window is displayed,you can skip to step Blinking Scanning for an upstream frequency to connect to Internet. Off WPS is not enabled. Off No activity on the network. During normal surbfoard, the Power, Receive, Send, and Online lights are on and the Activity light flashes when the motorola sbv5220 surfboard cable modem modem is tranferring data.

Re-enter Motorola sbv5220 surfboard cable modem it should work. Please help the Support site team improve this answer by entering your suggestion or request: This functionality requires javascript. Off AC power is not available. If the display is a Category view as shown below, continue with step 3. The shield minimizes electrical and radio frequency interference. Blinking green Data is being transmitted or received at Mbps.

Tel 2 On On hook.

Motorola Surfboard Modem

Local local area network Solid green The port has detected link with a megabits per second Mbps device. Switching it off does not work. Cable Solid Connected to the network. You must replace the unit.

Motorola SBV : User Guide VoIP Cable Modem SBV

Dark Internet not available. Off USB not connected. The Run window is displayed. Off No power is going to the modem, or the modem is in standby mode. If more than one connection is displayed, be sure to select the one foryour network interface.