Some will adjust the sensor readings such as air temp, engine speed, crank position and effectively lie to the standard ECU forcing a more aggressive timing. In the case of FWD vehicles, the torque path is more direct to the front wheels and the use of efficient helical final drive gears means that drivetrain losses can be as much as 50 percent lower than on RWD and AWD vehicles. To understand the problems of port injecting the A-Series, it is first necessary to understand some basic features of fuel injection: Includes popular twin silencers that allows for a lightweight, great sounding system. What is Nitrous Oxide? Great service and great people.

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This first version of the code worked in a semi-sequential mode. In this situation you must let the turbo cool down a little before shutting aem peak and hold injector the engine, otherwise the oil will degrade and you will have an expensive turbo repair on your hands. Some maps use the cruise control to choose a map, other companies offer handheld flash devices which allow you to choose a range of maps and upload these.

The outer cylinders were running extremely lean.

Remove bottom side of air box and install to front nose piece. It contains heavier synthetic base oils that provide more lubricity for “on the edge” operation. If you want Max power out of your stock Turbo this innjector up is a must! A must for grass Drags and also for the wnd for great weight savings! It allows tuners to program virtually any combination of engine control, power adders and auxiliary devices, and accurately deliver proper amounts of fuel and correct aem peak and hold injector timing, for any boost level or operating condition.

So the total power lost between combustion and forward motion is specific to each vehicle and therefore no single rule, percentage or fixed number, could possibly apply to all vehicles. Also turbos can wear out, other major components like pistons and bearings will need care and attention and you aem peak and hold injector find that the clutch lasts a shorter time.

Same kit fits all models Up. Refer the installation to an AEM-trained tuning shop or call for technical assistance.


Video by ronnie size the barbarian – MySpace Video Well got back from the inector, was a terrible day as usual when you want things to work out! Where aem peak and hold injector that plus horsepower go missing?

The on-board MAP sensor allows for proper fueling in boosted conditions. This then required the ECU to synchronise with the engine inlet strokes.

Z1 Clutch kits shown below in clutch section. In a conventional 4 cylinder engine with four inlet ports, the slug of fuel is delivered to each cylinder once every engine cycle: What is important is what effects that particular run in terms of traction and horsepower. A high performance all-synthetic formula used as injection or premix oil. Running at RPM’s these pipes injeftor great midrange and top end pull.


This head is especially beneficial when making a big bore engine or in a turbo application! M8 – must have for any M This is your problem now. Keep up the excellent work Spenc, you run by far the best parts service out there! It is appreciated and thanks for covering shipping too! Includes 20lb Aluminum Refill Aem peak and hold injector, transfer hose, filter, and digital scale.

Nov 1, 8. Expect at least hr dyno time minimum to tune these even if you are experienced at partial and wide open throttle aem peak and hold injector tuning. Great service and great people. Find out how easy the unit is to program and if you can handle it. There are different size compressors. Unfortunately we had also found that the temperature monitoring did not provide any useful data.

Fuel Injecting the A-Series

AEM holds no responsibility for any engine damage that results from the misuse or mistuning of this product! This means that if you’ve been using lower octane, the response of ECU will correspond to lower octane with the booster matching lower octane performance. Why an ‘off the shelf’ mail order Aem peak and hold injector will disappoint: Oct 29, 3.

This is a direct replacement for the old style green background units. Thanks for saving me time and expense from cross border shopping. If you have questions or comments, you can contact us by Phone: Thank you again ” – Justin Cook.

Drivetrain Power Loss – The 15% “Rule”- Modified Magazine

It will also work on your aem peak and hold injector X-Fire and M-Series awm. If it was really this easy to get more power from a car then the manufacturers would have already done that themselves. Home Your Shopping Cart. You can adjust the opening rpm by adding or removing shims or different thrust springs. Exit the stock holes in the belly pan. The computer uses the mapped data to work out the optimum control conditions in which the engine should function.

Jul 8, Aem peak and hold injector who has added performance parts to their engine should consider a remap.