Thanks for the help with wireless. CanadaSys is in the process of changing their name to MilestonePC. The latter is available with ubuntu The logitech stuff is rather proprietary. Take a look at the pictures.

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LG T1 express dual drivers

Lid, case, and overall design is superb Lightweight 4. Sometimes you have to add the MAC address of the network card or something like that.

Not if you tried the commands that I mentioned in my last comment. It faild loading, I got a blue screen windows flash back! The LG T1 with a stylish piano black shiny lid view large image.

I used the text based install and everything expresss smooth until it was lg t1 express dual done.

Would you be able to post a couple of things either here or a lg t1 express dual to elsewhere? Thanks for the help with wireless. Note about the author: Your LAN should now come up as eth1.

Any suggestions for what the problem can be? I got the eth1 and eth0 to come up lg t1 express dual my wired internet works. The processor and screen resolution on my laptop are actually higher than what is listed on the LG site as can be seen exprses My problem with the DHCP was a user issue.

All you need to do is head over to this website and grab this file.

Last attempt was with the 6. It is glossy, bright and generally very nice to look at. Internet speed is just as fast exxpress any other computer on our network. Inside, around the screen is also black, while the keyboard and touchpad are white. Sounds very much like a problem that others will have addressed though lg t1 express dual some hints here perhaps? The DVD burner is on the right edge.

LG T1 inch Screen Portable Notebook Review (pics, specs)

The silver LG logos on the lid and below the screen are subtle but classy. There is no DVI port or parallel port. The 60GB size is good enough for my purposes, but I was concerned that it would be slow with the RPM rotation speed. Unless you like blurry displays. Sounds good so far, even my old notebook which did not like linux at all was able to be tweaked for working volume control, so it will work here for sure. A full manual in Windows Help format is available on the LG website. What I need to get is the pin from the mouse New one on me!

I assume the latter is lg t1 express dual likely the max. Thanks lg t1 express dual all the help. Make sure you get the right version number for your install 2.

LG T1 14.1-inch Screen Portable Notebook Review (pics, specs)

I discovered an etx SVN repository. I was especially pleased with the seamless wireless setup. I got the wireless working. Not a fantastic software dal, but I prefer this to having dozens of applications pre-installed like on some other name-brand lg t1 express dual.